Wolf Mountain Sanctuary

March 21, 2017

Wolf Mountain Sanctuary is a great cause that we have partnered with in our Click to Donate program. As stated in a previous post, we have helped them raise over $3,000 thus far and hope that we can help them raise significantly more in the future.

Tanya Littlewolf Founded the Sanctuary. Please take a few minutes and watch the video to see a little bit more about what she is trying to do.

According to their site: She has spent her entire life taking care of and fighting for the wolves. It is a very tough life to care for so many, but this is what she is on this Earth to do. Tonya is a very special person who loves everyone and has the biggest heart in the whole world! I would encourage to please click and donate to support this great cause. I could continue writing but I think it best for you to watch some of the videos below to get a better feeling for what this cause is trying to do: