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Harley's Dream

Harley's Dream

On the brink of death, after spending 10 years living in a cramped, filthy cage in a puppy mill – where he’d lost an eye when his cage was power-washed, Harley was finally freed. He immediately received much-needed medical care and found love with a special family. And he thrived. To the surprise of the veterinary community, this strong-spirited little 6-pound Chihuahua continued going strong in spite of medical conditions which were the result of his years living in a cage. For five years following his rescue, Harley worked hard educating children and adults alike about puppy mills. Harley had personally participated in the freeing of more than 700 dogs from puppy mills across the Midwest, and raised the money that gave freedom to hundreds more. Harley always seemed well aware that his life had a purpose. Whether it was a fundraiser in his honor that drew 2,000 people, or visiting an elementary school classroom to educate our youngest generation about where pet store puppies really come from, Harley’s magical personality grasped the hearts of all who met him. He’d been featured on the cover of popular magazines and on television and radio, and was considered a social media sensation. Sadly, Harley passed away on March 20, 2016 … but his legacy lives on. This little one-eyed dog is known worldwide. Harley continues to inspire hope and confidence in people of all ages who are able to relate to his less-than-perfect appearance, and he continues to be the voice for the hundreds of thousands of dogs living in cages in puppy mills today. #HarleysDream

Here is some more info about Shop for your Cause. We are a way for people to help out their favorite causes without having to open their open wallets. You can donate by taking very simple daily actions. You can also sign our petitions and help influence change. We are always looking for ways to help various causes raise as much money as possible.

Some of the more popular causes that we work with are:

The Humane Society of the United States is the nations largest and most effective animal protection organization.

We and our affiliates provide hands on care and services to more than 100,000 animals each year, and we professionalize the field through education and training for local organizations. We are the leading animal advocacy organization, seeking a humane world for people and animals alike. We are driving transformational change in the U.S. and around the world by combating largescale cruelties such as puppy mills, animal fighting, factory farming, seal slaughter, horse cruelty, captive hunts and the wildlife trade.

Humane Society International is one of the only global animal protection organizations working to help all animals including animals in laboratories, animals on farms, companion animals and wildlifeand our record of achievement demonstrates our dedication and effectiveness. HSI: Celebrating Animals, Confronting Cruelty.

With significant operations in 20 countries, and a presence in three dozen more, HSI has made a difference on a wide range of issues: working to combat the dog meat trade, pressing for 21stcentury methods in animal testing, persuading corporate giants to adopt humane food procurement policies, ending the commercial slaughter of marine mammals, aiding animals in disaster, fighting trophy hunting and the wildlife trade, and eliminating spectacles of cruelty from bullfighting to animal sacrifice to dogfighting and cockfighting. Since January, weve had a torrent of accomplishments, demonstrating that HSI has become a dominant and powerful force for animals on the international stage.

The 5 Gyres Institute is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that empowers action against the global health crisis of plastic pollution through science, art, education, and adventure.

National Mill Dog Rescue was established in February 2007, in honor of a forgiving little Italian Greyhound named Lily. Theresa Strader, NMDR's Founder and Executive Director, rescued Lily from a dog auction in Missouri. Prior to that day, Lily had spent the first seven years of her life as a commercial breeding dog, a puppy mill mom. Determined that her years of living in misery would not be in vain, Strader started NMDR, giving a voice to mill dogs across the country. During her years as a breeding dog, Lily spent all of her days confined to a small, cold wire cage in a dark, foul-smelling barn. Never was she removed from her cage for exercise or socialization. In her dreary confines, Lily was forced to produce one litter after another with no respite. Like all commercial breeding dogs, she was a veritable breeding machine whose worth was measured in only one way her ability to produce puppies.

Blind Cat Rescue was started in 2005 in St Pauls, NC (USA) by a mother daughter team to answer the need for a safe place for blind cats that were deemed not adoptable by regular shelters. They were going to be killed just because they are blind. We got our first blind cat (Louie) when we were volunteering for the local shelter. A man was going to leave this sick 6 week old kitten in the Petsmart parking lot if the shelter would not accept him. I found myself saying "I will take him". Then we got our second, third and fourth blind cat. We discovered there were no resources for blind cats out there and they were regularly killed because they were considered not adoptable. In North Carolina it is actually in the laws if an animal is sick, injured or blind it may be killed immediately in animal control facilities. We feel we do not kill humans because they are blind, why on earth would you kill an animal for the same thing? We knew from living with blind cats that they are just normal cats. They have no clue they are blind, they know they are cats, they act like cats. We decided it was time to do it right and applied to become a non profit and 501c3 charity

Shop for your Cause was founded on the principle that creating and influencing change should be simple. If you landed on this page then you are already on the journey to click and make a difference:

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