The Norrbottenspets—also called a Nordic Spitz, Norbottenspitz and Pohjanpystykorva— originated in Sweden and Finland from Spitz type dogs. Originally a farm and hunting dog, the Norrbottenspets is now more of a companion than a working dog.

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The male Norrbottenspets is more masculine looking than the softer female Norrbottenspets, but their demeanors are the same. The Norrbottenspets breed is know to be one of the softest, more gentle and affectionate of the many dog breeds. It is known for its loving and sweet nature, which makes a Norrbottenspets a perfect choice for any family.


The Norrbottenspets breed has been documented back as early as the 17th century and originated in Norrbotten, Sweden as well as Lappland/Kainuuland, Finland. There is still a feud among the two countries as to which was the original that homed the Norrbottenspets. Since the dog was prevalent in both countries at the same time; the debate will continue.

As a hunting dog originally, the Norrbottenspets breed was used for hunting different types of grouse as well as fox, marten and raccoon. After that, Norrbottenspets were taught to find squirrels in the beginning of the 20th century due to the high demand for squirrel fur.

As with many dog breeds in World War I, the Norrbottenspets almost became extinct. Because there was such a small number of Norrbottenspets, Sweden actually closed its studbook in 1948. Later, enthusiasts sought out remaining pets and started to breed them throughout the 1950s and 1960s to grow back the gene pool.

In 1966, after the breed came back strong, the officially name became Norrbottenspets. The Swedish Kennel Club accepted the breed in 1967, and in 1973, Finland accepted the standard and were called Pohjanpystykorva.

As of yet, the Norrbottenspets is not recognized officially by the American Kennel Club, but it is part of the Foundation Stock Service. This is an option recording service for purebred dogs that are not able to register for the American Kennel Club as of yet.


The Norrbottenspets is considered a medium-sized dog. The average height of a male Norrbottenspets is 17.7 inches, while a female is 16.5 inches in height. The weight for a male Norrbottenspets is between 23 to 33 pounds. On the other hand, the Norrbottenspets female is between 18 to 27 pounds.


The Norrbottenspets is a loving and friendly dog, maybe one of the most out of the many dog breeds. They are known mostly for their good nature. The Norrbottenspets breed is a very non-aggressive dog. Even if children tease or play rough with the Norrbottenspets, they will still not retaliate. Because they are gentle in nature, the Norrbottenspets are great with kids, strangers and just about anyone.

Norrbottenspets dogs are as intelligent as they are brave; both being strong traits. They are loyal to their family and bring their positive energy and attitude to the lives of their owners. As a guard dog, the Norrbottenspets has a loud bark that is used to alert its owners to any danger. The only problem is that a Norrbottenspets can become a constant barker if not trained properly.


The Norrbottenspets lives between of 15 to 16 years and are generally healthy with a well-developed immune system. Good breeders have reduced the likelihood of disease in their puppies, and so most Norrbottenspets dogs are very healthy their whole lives.

But, not matter how healthy, the Norrbottenspets, like any other breed, should be taken to its regularly scheduled visits to the veterinarians.


The Norrbottenspets breed is easy to train, but one thing to note, due to its calm nature, any commands and instructions should match that demeanor. Harsh commands will not be effective.  Also, keep the training spicy; change up the routine and keep it interesting to keep the Norrbottenspets’ attention.

The Norrbottenspets beed have high levels of energy, and so need daily exercise is definitely needed. The coats of a Norrbottenspets does not need special grooming. The occasional brushing will be enough to get rid of any dead hair. Also, they are heavy shedders and will shed their entire coat at least twice per year.

They have fast growing nails, which need to be trimmed regularly to avoid problems like overgrowth, splitting and cracking. Their ears should also be checked for wax and debris, and their teeth should be brushed on a regular schedule too.


Here is a link to American Norrbottenspets Association. Please check your local area for other rescues near you or to learn more about this breed.


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