Petition to Ban Ownership of Big Cats

PETITION: Ban Ownership of Big Cats

TARGET: President Trump

In the past two decades, more than 300 dangerous incidents involving big cats in captivity have resulted in the deaths of 21 people, including 5 children, and close to 250 injuries. In the U.S. there are believed to be more than 10,000 privately owned big cats, including lions, tigers and cougars.The size and strength of such animals as well as their natural and unpredictable predatory nature can result in severe injury or death when an attack occurs. Often such attacks are unprovoked and a person other than the owner, often a child, is the victim. Furthermore, there is no approved rabies vaccine for such animals, so even minor scratches and injuries inflicted upon humans or other animals could be deadly. Not to mention big cats belong in their own habitat, and not a human home or a cage in the yard.
Unfortunately, not all states are equal when it comes to regulating private ownership and keeping people and big cats safe. A number of states have laws banning the private possession of big cats, but many others have weak or no laws at all in place at all.


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I understand the state of Texas has no bans on owning these large barbaric!!!
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