Petition to help stop coyote killing contests in MN

PETITION: Stop Wildlife killing contests in Minnesota
Target: MN DNR Commissioner: Tom Landwehr MN DNR Asst. Commissioner; Policy & Government Relations: Bob Meier MN DNR Asst. Commissioner: Parks & Trails, Fish & Wildlife: Sarah Strommen

We are writing to ask you to stop the annual Save the Birds Coyote Hunting Tournament. This tournament is killing for killing sake and awards cash prizes for the most coyotes killed, as well as the largest and smallest killed. This contest goes on with basically no rules and no limit on the amount of coyotes that can be killed.


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barbara blaski
  • 3 weeks ago
All these animals play a key part in keeping the ecosystem in check. Humans interfere and always mess things up. Leave them alone.
Anne Miettinen
  • 1 month ago
Joan Perkins
  • 2 months ago
Erica Goodwin
  • 2 months ago
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Sherrie Shown
  • 2 months ago
Anne Bumbak
  • 2 months ago
Angela Van Cranenbroek
  • 3 months ago
LeroycabHK LeroycabHK
  • 4 months ago
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