Ban Orangutan Boxing for Entertainment

PETITION: Ban Orangutan Boxing for Entertainment

TARGET: Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha of Thailand

In Thailand, orangutans are being forced in the boxing ring to fight one another for human entertainment. The animals are dressed in boxing gear and placed in a ring to resemble a boxing match with each other. Animal lovers are in awe and appalled at such an exploitation of animals for the amusement of humans. Since 2005, over 22,000 apes have been sold, killed while being hunted or died in captivity as a part of the illegal trade of primates that still continues to this day. Huge profits are made selling illegally captured primates to zoos and other attractions around the world . Winners are awarded food and other rewards but ultimately both primates return to the dark cells where they are illegally kept. It is time to stop this disgusting display of animal brutality; orangutan boxing certainly stands as the most shameful symptom of the illegal primate trade. Orangutans are highly intelligent and sensitive animals and share 97 percent of their DNA with humans. Orangutans do not belong in a ring where they are dressed up and made to fight- they are not boxing because they want to, they’re boxing because they’re afraid not to.


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Recent Supporters

diane greer
  • 5 days ago
this is outrageous and horrible cruelty. You can educate ignorant but cant educate stupid. Lock up in cages the owners of these animals and let them be treated as these poor animals are.
Mickey Finn
  • 2 weeks ago
petra opuhac
  • 3 weeks ago
Olga Milore
  • 4 weeks ago
This is not only extremly CRUEL to rob their lives and put them through this, it is also something you can only expect STUPID PEOPLE to get involved with. Animals should live free and its everybodies responsability to avoid the abuse on them! How can such STUPIDITY be legal???????
Claudia Garoutte
  • 4 weeks ago
Deb Ryan
  • 4 weeks ago
Lorraine Andersen
  • 1 month ago
Veronica Baez
  • 1 month ago
William Crawford
  • 1 month ago
Mary Landrum
  • 1 month ago
They're endangered and they should be protected, not used for "entertainment",