End Canadian Seal Hunt

PETITION: End Canadian Seal Hunt

TARGET: Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau br />
The exploitation and commercial slaughter of the harp seal is one of the most tragic and disturbing tales of our generation. Because of the gruesome and controversial killings, many countries are banning seal pelt. However, it’s still occurring in Canada, baby seals are still squealing for their lives on the icy shores. The baby seals are usually clubbed to death with sharp hammers, their skulls are bashed barbarically until they die and are then skinned right in front of their seal families. Other times, 40% of the time to be exact, they are just skinned alive, pelt ripping from their flesh, and snow blood red around them. Most harp seals killed are babies no older than 3 months. The end of this industry is in sight, but seals still need you!


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Becky Biddick
  • 22 hours ago
Wilma V brandwijk
  • 3 weeks ago
Gabriela M9ser
  • 3 weeks ago
Animals have the right tolive. Humans don't havethe rightto abuse them or kill them.
Zdzisław Koryzma
  • 3 weeks ago
roxie harrington
  • 4 weeks ago
robin karlsson
  • 1 month ago
randal carrol
  • 1 month ago
Eero Suotsalo
  • 2 months ago
Jana Řepová
  • 3 months ago
Kuro Fox
  • 3 months ago
It's probably one of the more worse scenes and events that can take place in a humans mind and heart...somethings not right if we live in a world where this is taking place and no one is saying anything quite yet...it's not news...but it is happening and it is heart wrenching and disturbing and not at all a world that makes sense. No one should be doing this to seals, and the babies...they are really being brutalized by people and that's just not human. It's not healthy, it's not natural...somethings very wrong about this and it only checks red flags and tears in a regular persons eyes, heart and mind...and we know at least this much is true. Time waits for no one...if something like this keeps happening...insane abuse to these animals, what do you think good is going to come of this? nothing. Humans don't need to do things like this and really a regular person can't....they aren't supposed to, it's just not right and it's not at least people can tell this isn't an opinion when it comes to something like this. If it were maybe nothing would ever change...but when something is this bad, and something is this wrong and we need to put a stop to something like this I'd hope we'd know and do something sooner because those seals can't do anything, only we can.