End Canadian Seal Hunt

PETITION: End Canadian Seal Hunt

TARGET: Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau br />
The exploitation and commercial slaughter of the harp seal is one of the most tragic and disturbing tales of our generation. Because of the gruesome and controversial killings, many countries are banning seal pelt. However, it’s still occurring in Canada, baby seals are still squealing for their lives on the icy shores. The baby seals are usually clubbed to death with sharp hammers, their skulls are bashed barbarically until they die and are then skinned right in front of their seal families. Other times, 40% of the time to be exact, they are just skinned alive, pelt ripping from their flesh, and snow blood red around them. Most harp seals killed are babies no older than 3 months. The end of this industry is in sight, but seals still need you!


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Jana Řepová
  • 2 weeks ago
Kuro Fox
  • 4 weeks ago
It's probably one of the more worse scenes and events that can take place in a humans mind and heart...somethings not right if we live in a world where this is taking place and no one is saying anything quite yet...it's not news...but it is happening and it is heart wrenching and disturbing and not at all a world that makes sense. No one should be doing this to seals, and the babies...they are really being brutalized by people and that's just not human. It's not healthy, it's not natural...somethings very wrong about this and it only checks red flags and tears in a regular persons eyes, heart and mind...and we know at least this much is true. Time waits for no one...if something like this keeps happening...insane abuse to these animals, what do you think good is going to come of this? nothing. Humans don't need to do things like this and really a regular person can't....they aren't supposed to, it's just not right and it's not at least people can tell this isn't an opinion when it comes to something like this. If it were maybe nothing would ever change...but when something is this bad, and something is this wrong and we need to put a stop to something like this I'd hope we'd know and do something sooner because those seals can't do anything, only we can.
Kelly Korkes
  • 1 month ago
hedil mensi
  • 1 month ago
Hans Hammond
  • 1 month ago
Merryl Arbogast
  • 2 months ago
Ken Lucas
  • 2 months ago
Selorm Mensah
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TomtwqVF TomfohVF
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PrestonrahVO PrestonrahVO
  • 2 months ago
Times rectangle Tete An evening on town for Steve Rogers includes a trip to Times Square. He remembers it very well, Though from lenses of another decade and time entirely. With a travellers map in hand, Something used by a nearby kiosk, He's all but stashed in civilian guise beneath his baseball cap. In a brown bomber hat and jeans, He stands off to one side and looks around at all of the billboards and flashing lights in a form of wonder. The motor vehicles, these types of have changed. The roadways are cleaner (For what the meaning of 'clean' may be) And mysteriously no less busy. He smiles up at one of Broadway signs and murmurs to himself, "Maybe during some leisure time. should educate myself, now you ask he sit still that long? He then looks about on the off chance that he sees a familiar face or two in the crowd. Loki does not need Steve's wonder on his face, But a wholly more opportunistic saying, Scanning around to excessive sweating minor mischief he can cause. Steve's u. s look, So clear, So full of life and added advantages, Draws his interest like a virgin in a demon's den. not too Loki is a demon,But his aid is grabbed. The refined, Pale man is seated on a bench with a fashionable cane in one hand and a suit that seems appropriate for 60 years ago, truthfully, Looks grand fine. The dead walk the streets of New York City although Dead Girl is among the only one who'd ask for a picture with her as she walks down the street. examples of hippie kids all huddled around street sign posing for another as he takes a picture. Dead Girl including, Holding up a piece sign upon camera. "this led to fun, She offers to the tourists, "guess what, I'll see everyone around, yes? Have fun going through the city it's a great place, To some people that have mystical senses, stated, Dead Girl means a wholly unusual, And transparent spot of necromantic energy. in fact, She casually uses Necromancy as if she were respiring. there is an odd natural vibe to the energy as if this peculiarity in necromantic energies was somehow alive. Dead Girl turns down the street as the hippie kids head off wandering further into Times Square wearing a smile even as most turn away from her. pulling, inside the, an important wanylking corpse. Halgrim is conntacting a hot dog vendor as the later goes through his clean up routine; To those who can hear them they appear to be having an animated conversation in Danish. Halgrim is just finishing off what has become the last hot dog of the day, And has a paper cup of lemonade to accompany it. As he looks out throughout the bustle of Times Square, He sees david, And pauses to study him temporarly while. He says something over his shoulder to the vendor, revolves to shake his hand, And heads on to Steve, Still carrying the cup of soda and pop in one hand. His red, Leather work bag is slung over his lap. "hello there, according to him to Steve. "searching for for anything, He nods by the map Steve has. "maybe, Anyone, His accent has a intelligibly Scandanavian lilt. Times Square isn't a place Starfire visits often, But every now and again it's nice to dress up like an Earthling and go watching people. With a dress picked out from a fashion magazine on over her alien attire and her feet firmly on to the floor (but unfortunately much walking bores her). Of course this doesn't exactly stop people from whispering and pointing, perhaps even crossing the street, When they notice her unusual appearance. to receive Teddy Altman, Times Square could be described as a place to go for a reliable lift of spirits. No matter the time of day, This bustling part of the city excites the young man and centers him squarely in today's. Having just bought one of the last hot dogs from owner Halgrim is chatting to, He takes a moment to eyeball everyone else as he finishes the first half of it. His gaze sweeps over people and locals alike, Then up the tall complexes and over to the Broadway signs Steve also spots. He takes another bite of pet and licks a finger free of some stray mustard, Then starts to go for a leisurely walk over the square. Steve looks over at being accomplished and addressed by Halgrim, [url=https://datingspanishwomen.travel.blog/]spanish ladies[/url] His wheat gold brows dancing upwards and out of sight behind the sports cap's bill. "greetings. Nothing get hold of, that no, I'm a local. Brooklyn, He puts in plain words, Thumbing in the final direction of the borough. "Just haven't been out here in a while, He scans his landscapes again and notes Loki, wearing passall overg; What a great get up Foreign, you may? Something jiggles in the back of his mind face is vaguely familiar. Hmm. He skirts eye exposure to the Prince of Asgard and decides to offer a handshake to Halgrim. "ken. you from around here too, He's sincere in his thinking by his open expression. over Halgrim, He sees Teddy and raises a hand in greetings, a brief hailing motion. Out of a corner of his eye, he is doing note both Dead Girl and Starfire, And his gaze lingers on both for enough time out of curiosity. your got bluish skin, The other peoples got orange ish skin Metahumans? Loki drags his gaze from the Steve to eye Dead Girl. For all the most obvious reasons. discreetly, He moves his fingers and whispers something nothing appears to happen to individuals, so maybe it was for him. He stares for a moment, Then rises from the bench and starts moving in the typical direction of everyone. Once fairly next to Rogers and Halgrim, He slows, Still keeping an eye on Dead Girl. Dead Girl's eyes meet Steve's for a moment. enthusiastic red eyes like lights from beyond the land of the living. the light is piercing never dimming, As if she does not need to blink. Only a moment before moving onward in her walk-through Times Square approaching the vendor Halgrim had been speaking to, "hello there, bed not the culprit it going, She treasures, As she pulls a small money from her pocket, "you got coffee, She wonders of owner. "as well as white hot, she says, a grin. A hardly any cents later she's got a paper cup with coffee in it. "I love the smell of hot coffee, She admits. Dead Girl takes a deep breath over the mug of coffee as she walks to a bench not far from Steve and Halgrim to sit quietly and enjoy her coffee. She just gold watches people, from this day forward, Taking a breath of her coffee every minute or so just like someone might drink it whilst it never once is sipped. Her eyes fall towards Starfire and her great skin. "ok, that is so cool, states to herself. "Only not long ago, Halgrim confesses, And accepts Steve's handshake; His grip is unthreatening and firm, The hand calloused from physical work of some sort. "But it's been long enough I'm finally getting up to date with some things, He pursues Steve's gaze to Dead Girl and Starfire, time period curious. "And discovering new ones continuously, He comes with, Genuinely in awe of the two women walking in the open, Without hiding what they are. He asides to ken, "But if you're from here I'm sure might already know, New York is a city that generates all kinds, it seems as though he'll continue in this vein, But Loki's course of action renders him silent. He glances at Steve, Checking for a cue of familiarity or diagnosis. It only takes some individuals glancing in her direction without immediately muttering rude words for Starfire and give a smile and a friendly wave. And then casually she lifts a little way up to float over towards the gathering group. "pardon me friends, She asks really brightly. "Is there an event ongoing? probably handing out of the coupons, She looks which range from Steve, Dead Girl and Hallgrim sooner than frowning. "I hope I am not interupting your acquiring, Teddy swallows down [url=https://datingspanishwomen.travel.blog/]beautiful girl in spanish[/url] his bite of hotdog when he captures Steve's wave. It's almost a gulp and choke the event, Which happens sometimes when he's impressed while eating. carrying his own hand, He greets the man from afar and decides simply to walk over. On his fashion, His attention drifts over to Starfire and Dead Girl, Lingering as it were before he shoulder bumps a tourist and decides it might be better to keep his eyes in front of him. "'Scuse my lifestyle, He says on his way beyond the slowing Loki. and then, Once watching Steve and Halgrim, He stops and looks between your two, smiling. "mr. Rogers, according to him, Focus falling finally on the more familiar of these two. "hello, This all occurs Starfire also shows up asking about coupons, So he steps aside to make more room for the getting together group. Kai sees a event, So of course he's got to go see who's there. something at all causing a crowd's gotta be worth seeing. He perks up as he spies well known faces. He traipses next door with a bounce in his step, Right face to face with a car that stops short and honks. He pats the hood of your truck and says, "hi, With good cheer and no real truthfulness. "ken, He says vibrantly. Loki draws a conspirational wink. Then he gives Dead Girl a bit wave, And Halgrim a aware smile. "excuse me, you, "this is why, It really does collect folk, would probably, Steve agrees with Halgrim with a nod. following on from the man's gaze, He considers Loki yet again and draws a bit of a blank. Dang it also, memory space, Come on the website! the face area on the tip of his tongue. Teddy's deal with brings a smile to Steve's face. "mr. Altman, He acknowledgement. His mouth is open to carry on further, But Starfire's approach makes him look to her including. "without, m'am, No perform. Just a chatting, He shrugs a tiny, traditional Boy Scout to the bone in his earnesty. A familiar voice makes him go searching Halgrim to see the Elf on approach and he laughs, Almost to him or her self. "Kai! It won't be a relationship much longer if anyone else shows up. it will likely be a party. We might have a caterer, "At least one person has decent courtesy left, Loki murmurs and elevates his chin. "Kaaaaai, He more or less purrs, But does nothing to stop Kai from greeting his friends, relatively enjoying just watching the elf frolick. "I sense some magic afoot what that will to you, A style to Rogers as he tattles on Dead Girl. "gday, Kai, Dead Girl delivers, Waving towards the elf with a bright smile. "bed mattress it going, She offers with the grin. "how is Kevin, She treasures then, concerned about the adorably ugly dog. "Love the car, states next, cheerful wide. "Ooh, miracle working, Dead Girl shows, Very usually a corpse at this distance, At least to anyone the senate is not a human corpse when they see one. She puts her coffee down and give a little clap of her hands. "Are we going to a magic show, She can wonder, concerned with a grin. Halgrim raises his eye brows as Teddy greets Steve with 'Mr. Rogers' and has a tendency to assess him in a new light. "Halgrim, he says, Belatedly. "Lindqvist, though rapid ejaculation addressed to Steve, He implictly includes everyone else with a glance among them. "Indeed we are nearly an event, And Birger has just closed his cart during. to believe, We may have some had plenty more work for him, And now a floating person with orange skin is close enough for him to a great look at, And Halgrim doesn't attempt to hide his interest. "No deals, That I be aware of, Though we should eye. I worth them when I can find them, Halgrim dips his head and smiles at Kai in a introduction here's someone he recoginzes, At least only to have his good humor fade when Dead Girl plugs magic. "i don't know how well magic would go over, final result, this individual murmurs, Looking askance at Loki and then the city's denizens as they come and go. Some eye the to gather, Some take too lightly it. "super? Do you mean card methods, Starfire ponders, Tilting her head curiously. "'Real' magic seems very dangerous and you'll want to avoid it. There was magic in Central Park almost a year ago and it made the dead attack people. It was most distressful, She doesn't actually seem to discover that Dead Girl might in fact actually be dead. Humans all look alike in, dining or dead. "Coupons are invaluable for doing the shopping of the week, The alien queen agrees, Giving Halgrim a grin and a nod. The arrival of Kai is associated with a wave. "we've got met before. Very in short,in short, In how to speak spanish Harlem I think. i hope you are well.