End Canadian Seal Hunt

PETITION: End Canadian Seal Hunt

TARGET: Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau br />
The exploitation and commercial slaughter of the harp seal is one of the most tragic and disturbing tales of our generation. Because of the gruesome and controversial killings, many countries are banning seal pelt. However, it’s still occurring in Canada, baby seals are still squealing for their lives on the icy shores. The baby seals are usually clubbed to death with sharp hammers, their skulls are bashed barbarically until they die and are then skinned right in front of their seal families. Other times, 40% of the time to be exact, they are just skinned alive, pelt ripping from their flesh, and snow blood red around them. Most harp seals killed are babies no older than 3 months. The end of this industry is in sight, but seals still need you!


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Vicki Adderholdt
  • 1 day ago
Kara Bhagwandeen
  • 3 days ago
Laura McCrocklin
  • 1 week ago
Nick Sorensen
  • 2 weeks ago
Someday in HELL, the clubbing bastards will themselves will be beaten to death. Over and over for eternity. That is my personal wish.
Kylie Scott
  • 3 weeks ago
Animals should be treated with respect and it’s our duty as humans to do it always and forever
Ramona Wanglund
  • 1 month ago
Dana Wong
  • 1 month ago
S Keedian
  • 2 months ago
Cynthia Narkoff
  • 3 months ago
hetty van Zee
  • 3 months ago
Elke vorm van Dierenleed is belangrijk om voor te vechten waar ook ter wereld.