Find Sick Animal Abuser Who Beat, Hanged, and Shot 4-Month-Old Puppy!

PETITION: In Sacramento, a 4-month-old puppy was found hanging from a tree after being beaten and shot with a BB gun. According to some animal control officers, they are calling it the worst case of animal abuse they have ever seen. 


TARGET: Sacramento Police Department

Please sign this petition urging the Sacramento police department to find the sick person(s) who did this and charge them with animal cruelty.

This puppy was found by a local resident, it was clear that the dog had suffered a serious beating before being shot and hanged. He had fractures "from nose to tail," and when veterinarians checked his body out, they said that his liver looked "like hamburger meat."

There are numerous studies that show a link between animal abuse and violent behavior towards other humans. A 2001-2004 study by the Chicago Police Department showed that 65% of those arrested for animal abuse had been arrested for battery against another person. Please sign and help make this urgent for the Sacrament Police Department to bring this person(s) to justice. The torture committed against this poor puppy can be prosecuted as a felony, with the possibility of three years in jail or a $20,000 fine. Please sign now to make sure that the person(s) who did this is found and prosecuted.



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Recent Supporters

Trisha Topping
  • 2 weeks ago
Excuse my language but that bastard/s need hanging why would you make an innocent animal suffer like that but the person responsible needs the same fate someone knows who did this and you hopefully will have the same fate but you will all get a slap on the wrist because animal abuse isn't taken seriously WHY? JUDGES TAKE NOTE WE WILL NOT STAND FOR PATHETIC SENTENCES FOR ANIMAL ABUSE
  • 3 weeks ago
I am against all forms of cruelty and barbarity to animals
Joseph Moreno
  • 3 weeks ago
The fact that someone can do this to a harmless creature that didn’t deserve such a thing to be done to them sickens me. This man deserves to be put in prison for life. If he can do this to a harmless puppy there’s no telling what else he’s willing to do. Nobody normal or in their right mind would ever do anything like that. This is pure disgust and fills me with nothing but anger and malice towards this man
Pamela Jones
  • 4 weeks ago
This man should be put UNDER the jail ! He needs to be put on trial and tried as a murderer. ! Because that’s exactly what he did! I sick and tired of MY tax money used to keep up these idiots! Get three meals a day, tv, recreation, ect sound like a vacation to me. Put him in front of a firing squad. Just like he did that puppy! If we went back to capital punishment, MOST of these shootings would STOP
Denise Dunn
  • 2 months ago
There is no excuse for cruelty.
Paula Carrell
  • 2 months ago
Katerina Graham
  • 2 months ago
Stéphane DELPECH
  • 3 months ago
Betty Barkley
  • 3 months ago
JesusLahSI JesusLahSI
  • 3 months ago
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