Ban Live Animals in Keychains

PETITION: Ban Live Animal Keychains

TARGET: Xi Jinping President of the People's Republic of China

A scary trend is picking up on the streets of China, where vendors are selling live turtles and other amphibious animals in an enclosed plastic bag. The animals can only survive a few days until they suffocate or starve to death. In the best case scenario, they're freed from their prisons and end up as pets to people who aren't prepared to care for them. We are asking the President of China to stand out against this fashion trend, and save these poor trapped animals from their living grave. Please help us by signing the petition and sharing.


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Recent Supporters

lina tsakli
  • 4 days ago
This is a discrace for the human species to use other living beings this way and cause such suffering.
William Ciommo
  • 1 week ago
It is incredibly cruel to watch an animal die while wearing it as a fashion statement. We are better than this. Please put an end to it.
Denise Bonk
  • 1 week ago
Nicole Harrington
  • 2 weeks ago
Abbas Haider
  • 2 weeks ago
Animals are living beings and deserve a little respect.
Lesa Malcolm-Bivens
  • 2 weeks ago
Errin Arnols
  • 4 weeks ago
This is cruelty to animals as they slowly suffocate. Nobody should allow this.
Jennifer Cribbs
  • 1 month ago
It is cruel.. Horrible thing.. But what can you expect from people who cut shark fins off and throw them back in the water to drown... That should be banned too.
Clarissa Paul
  • 2 months ago
Deborah Hill
  • 2 months ago