Petition to ban the production of Bear Bile

PETITION: Ban the sale of Bear Bile
Target: President of the People's Republic of China - Xi Jinping

Asian moon bears are being exploited in China. Their populations have plummeted in the last decades, and recent estimates put the worldwide population at just 25,000. It has been estimated that upwards of half their population is currently in captivity, being farmed for their bile, which is used in traditional Chinese medicine. The conditions these bears are forced to live in are atrocious: they spend the majority of their lives in tiny “crush cages,” the sides of which can be moved inwards to restrain them. Their bile is “milked” from them several times a day, by way of permanently implanted catheters that often become infected. The death rate from injury is incredibly high. Mentally, the entire ordeal is so painful that the bears have been known to chew off their own paws. Some even kill themselves by punching themselves in the stomach to stop the pain. It is time for the Chinese government to listen to the will of the people and outlaw bear bile farming immediately. Scientists have scrutinized the health benefits of bear bile, but they have not been able to find any medicinal value in it.


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Leanne Keane
  • 5 days ago
Josiah Beach
  • 4 weeks ago
Joseph Wenzel
  • 2 months ago
Jebbie Lamb
  • 2 months ago
  • 3 months ago
I am against all forms of cruelty and barbarity to animals
Andrea Pearl
  • 4 months ago
Bob Brucker
  • 4 months ago
Dana Wong
  • 4 months ago
Denise Dunn
  • 4 months ago
And I thought the Yulin "Festival' was the cruelest thing I had ever seen! This is yet another example of a total disregard for animals as well as people by an oppressive government. I have been mailing letters to my local veterinarians,friends and relatives to mail them, as well as to the Chinese Embassy for 3 years now to stop the horrific Yulin Dog "Festival". Every year I hope that this disgusting display of cruelty, superstition and ignorance will be called off. Unfortunately and sadly it continued once again last year. I am going to sign yet again another petition to stop another cruel trade in China, but, what really changes things is the hearts and minds of people.
Maria Kaidas
  • 5 months ago