Petition to Ban pesticides and Save the Bees

PETITION: Ban pesticides and Save the Bees

TARGET: Environmental Protective Agencyt

Bees are dying in massive numbers due to the pervasive use of neonicotinoid pesticides on our agricultural field crops. Fully a third of our food relies on pollinators-- without bees, our nation’s food supply could be in serious trouble. Further, these chemicals leach into soils, groundwater and waterways, and can persist for years, killing not only bees, but other pollinators, aquatic insects, amphibians and birds. U.S. beekeepers reported that as many as 50% of their bees disappeared or died. Incredibly, in many hives that have died off, the bees themselves appear to have identified the threat of pesticides and taken measures to protect their hives by physically sealing off hive cells full of pollen that contain dramatically higher levels of pesticides than neighboring cells. However, the bees efforts to save their hives were unsuccessful. The EPA first approved the pesticide clothianidin against the warnings of its own scientists in 2003, just a few years before bees began dying off in large numbers. Now we need to make a serious stand against these harsh chemicals before we lose our honey bees altogether.


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Without bees our world cannot survive
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  • 5 months ago
Personally, I like Food. Not all food comes from pollinators, but fruits and vegetables do. I also like sitting on my back porch listening to bees as they go around pollinating all the flowers I have planted for their pleasure and mine. It is a great co-existence. Remove 1 cog in the wheel of life and the entire engine/bike falls apart.