Spanish Bull Fighting

PETITION: Stop bullfighting in Spain

TARGET: Mariano Rajoy, the Prime Minister of Spain

In a typical Spanish bullfight, the bull is given the disadvantage from the very start. They are beaten prior to the ring, their horns are shaved to keep them off balance, and petroleum jelly is rubbed into their eyes to impair their vision.

Once the bull enters the ring, picadors the men on horses, stab the bull with barbed lances and spiked wooden sticks (banderillas) on it’s back.The picador attack is to render the bull unable to lift his head and defend itself. Then finally after the bull is tired, bleeding, and dizzy the matador will come out to stab the bull. Not put the bull out of it’s misery, but to stab it until it’s paralyzed, dragged out of the arena, and then it’s ears and tail are cut off for trophies.

Every year 250,000 bulls are killed in the arena this way, and is the main cultural event in Spain. It’s not culture, it’s animal cruelty. Please sign our petition to stop this ‘entertainment’ once and for all.


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Recent Supporters

Sherrie Shown
  • 6 days ago
Linda Payne
  • 4 weeks ago
Angela Van Cranenbroek
  • 1 month ago
Caroline Sévilla
  • 1 month ago
Hristina Boncheva
  • 3 months ago
Angelica Blevins
  • 3 months ago
Seriously Spain? You can't find anything to do that doesn't involve running with the bulls and bullfighting? Baiting animals or running with them and then getting gored, due to your own idiocy, is not a "culture" or a "sport".
Janet Barnes
  • 3 months ago
A "special place" in HELL is waiting for the participants!
nina Valecic
  • 3 months ago
Amanda Fleming
  • 4 months ago
Develop a new tradition in which no animal is mistreated for a so called "sport". This is not a "sport". It is heartless, ironically cowardly, and inhumane. You will gain so much respect for ending this cruelty.
Eve Delmonte
  • 4 months ago