Spanish Bull Fighting

PETITION: Stop bullfighting in Spain

TARGET: Mariano Rajoy, the Prime Minister of Spain

In a typical Spanish bullfight, the bull is given the disadvantage from the very start. They are beaten prior to the ring, their horns are shaved to keep them off balance, and petroleum jelly is rubbed into their eyes to impair their vision.

Once the bull enters the ring, picadors the men on horses, stab the bull with barbed lances and spiked wooden sticks (banderillas) on it’s back.The picador attack is to render the bull unable to lift his head and defend itself. Then finally after the bull is tired, bleeding, and dizzy the matador will come out to stab the bull. Not put the bull out of it’s misery, but to stab it until it’s paralyzed, dragged out of the arena, and then it’s ears and tail are cut off for trophies.

Every year 250,000 bulls are killed in the arena this way, and is the main cultural event in Spain. It’s not culture, it’s animal cruelty. Please sign our petition to stop this ‘entertainment’ once and for all.


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Recent Supporters

Susan Esposito
  • 14 hours ago
Richard Engle
  • 2 weeks ago
Jana Řepová
  • 2 weeks ago
Kuro Fox
  • 4 weeks ago
People have actually abused these animals, usually it should go without saying that if something is wrong might be time for something to happen to save someone or somethings life. Nothing can change unless allowed to. If no one says anything these bulls will for sure continue to be a part of a painful and disturbing experience that they can't dream of or should be part of. It's not really something humans should be allowed or be able to excuse or choose to do if it's point blank wrong and doing something against another animals life in such a manner and way. If it can't be changed today then maybe tomorrow, all I know is as long as this keeps happening no one is going to stop doing what they are doing cold turkey unless and outside source properly intervenes with this and can end a lot of tragic and painful events from taking place that no animal should ever be in especially in this age of time when we know better by now. No one can make this event a normal one just because it's happened for a certain amount of time. Times change and animals lives are being made better by the years of our awareness and sense and care. Without people who care there is going to be a continuous amount of meaningless death and trouble for people and animals both and that's just not the world that's normal or meant to be for the present if it can be helped and future which we want to be filled with our love and logic and more. Humans shape the most of this world, even if they can't always help themselves they still have a lot of control over what they can stop now for others that aren't meant to be part of sick or empty and thoughtless abuse that really doesn't have any future in this world that we know we have no bull fighting normalized in ever, period. Point blank no more of this because we know. We know.
Diane Walls
  • 4 weeks ago
This is barbaric and not something that is human in today’s time. It doesn’t make you a man to have a sword. Is wrong.
Roberta Morrison
  • 4 weeks ago
This is unfair, torture, and not even fit to be called a real bullfight! You want to see a real bullfight, go to an American rodeo and watch that "clown" running around to distract an angry bull, with only an empty barrel to protect themselves! No bulls are ever killed, but sometimes they do get the fighter!
Beth Harris
  • 1 month ago
Hans Hammond
  • 1 month ago
Selorm Mensah
  • 2 months ago
Bob the eagle
  • 2 months ago