Find the Monster Who Lit a Firecracker in Cat's Rectum

PETITION: Help find sick animal abuser 

TARGET: Mansfield Police Chief

Please help us find and bring to justice the sick person who let off a firecracker in the rectum of a friendly neighborhood cat in Mansfield, OH.The cat's name is Katy P. and she was found injured earlier this month after some cruel person decided to do this terrible thing to her.

They haven't been found yet, please sign this petition urging Mansfield police to do everything they can to find Katy's abuser. Anyone who is sick enough to do this, is also sick enough to do harm to other people and animals.

By signing this petition you can put the pressure to have them found and brought to justice.

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Recent Supporters

Carol Kavanaugh
  • 6 days ago
It is unbelievably cruel that anyone would put a fire cracker into a cat’s rectum! They should be punished! Jail and a fine is not enough of a punishment. Perhaps they should have a fire cracker put in their rectum (size for size, of course) on top of the huge fine and life in prison!
June Katzmarek
  • 1 month ago
Anyone(s) that can treat any animal in such a cruel way needs to be put in jail for several years. If they treat animals like this; how do you think they care about people. I don't know what the maximum penalties are for this offense but I pray to God that all parties involved are caught and receive absolutely no leanacy! Police and animal rescues need to really push for law enforcement and the court systems to take these issues much more seriously! At all times I believe the maximum penalties should be enforced! No excuses!
kim edwards
  • 1 month ago
whoever did this must obviously have some pretty serious issues. Lock them up PSYCHO
Isabela Calin
  • 2 months ago
Jeffrey Thomas
  • 2 months ago
Let's find this low life and give them the same treatment they gave that poor cat. Vermin like this should be punished severely.
Mickey Finn
  • 2 months ago
Candee Gordon
  • 3 months ago
  • 3 months ago
Olga Milore
  • 3 months ago
"people" who think such a diabolic thing is fun should be removed from society. (after a firecracker is showed up their arses as well so they can understand what they are doing)
Claudia Garoutte
  • 3 months ago