Find the Monster Who Lit a Firecracker in Cat's Rectum

PETITION: Help find sick animal abuser 

TARGET: Mansfield Police Chief

Please help us find and bring to justice the sick person who let off a firecracker in the rectum of a friendly neighborhood cat in Mansfield, OH.The cat's name is Katy P. and she was found injured earlier this month after some cruel person decided to do this terrible thing to her.

They haven't been found yet, please sign this petition urging Mansfield police to do everything they can to find Katy's abuser. Anyone who is sick enough to do this, is also sick enough to do harm to other people and animals.

By signing this petition you can put the pressure to have them found and brought to justice.

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Recent Supporters

Pamela Jones
  • 23 hours ago
I would love to be THE PERSON TO PUT DYNAMITE UP HIS RECTUM!!! We need to bring back the firing squad, this mess would STOP
sara Elkins
  • 3 weeks ago
Many people who start by injuring animals go on to hurting or killing children and women.
R ick Coleman
  • 3 weeks ago
Denise Dunn
  • 4 weeks ago
There is no excuse for cruelty.
Beth Harris
  • 1 month ago
Paula Carrell
  • 1 month ago
Phyllis Dolph
  • 2 months ago
St├ęphane DELPECH
  • 2 months ago
Barbara Miller
  • 2 months ago
Elli and Greg Harvey
  • 2 months ago