Ban Wild Animals From the Circus

PETITION: Ban Wild Animals From the Circus

TARGET: U.S. Congress

Wild animals do not belong in the circus. They do not jump through fiery rings, stand on their heads, or ride bicycles. They do these tricks because they are abused and forced to perform. Many circus animals suffer from lacerations all over their body from ‘trainers’ using various torture tools such as whips, sticks, electric prods, and bullhooks.

The animals also spend most of their time in chains or cages. Cages barely big enough for one lion will have several big cats inside. They are forced to eat, drink, sleep, and defecate in these cramped cages for long travel hours. A study on traveling circuses even observed an elephant who was chained up 96% of it’s life.

The circus is no place for animals, not only due to animal safety but to the safety of spectators as well. Frustrated, these mentally and physically abused animals have been know to rebel against their trainer and terrorize the audience just to escape. These animals who try to escape are either beaten severely or gunned down and killed.


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Recent Supporters

Grace Marina
  • 2 days ago
Barbara Kantola
  • 1 week ago
  • 3 weeks ago
I am against all forms of cruelty and barbarity to animals
Joseph Moreno
  • 3 weeks ago
The treatment many of these animals get from these circuses is in humane and borderline torture. Leave them alone in the wilderness and jungles where they belong.
sheila gilbert
  • 3 weeks ago
sara Elkins
  • 2 months ago
Wild animals do not belong in a circus. They end up being stressed and sick and live short sad lives. People can get sick by getting near them or riding on them.
Denise Dunn
  • 2 months ago
Paula Carrell
  • 2 months ago
Melissa Brown
  • 2 months ago
Katerina Graham
  • 2 months ago