Ban Muscular Dystrophy Dog Labs at Texas A&M

PETITION: Ban Muscular Dystrophy Dog Labs at Texas A&M

TARGET: Michael K. Young, Dr. Joe Kornegay, Texas A&M University, Dean Eleanor M. Green

Going in conjunction with - experimenters and experimental breeders at Texas A&M intentionally breed golden retrievers to develop different types of muscular dystrophy. These are particularly painful and severe illnesses. These are designed to produce dogs that have progressive muscle wasting and weakness. They have been doing this for about 30 years and have yet to find a cure. This breeding is done intentionally to create as sick a dog as possible.

They intentionally stretch the dogs muscles to create tears in order to help the researchers "solve" the problem. By signing this petition you are asking the researchers to shut down the facility, place the dogs in loving homes, and find new and more humane ways to go about solving the research problem.

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Recent Supporters

Selorm Mensah
  • 1 week ago
Morrigan Black
  • 2 weeks ago
I as a former nurse have never seen the need to practice care of humans on animals. This practice is really outdated and should be put back into the dark ages where it apparently started. We can no longer learn any medical cures by practicing on dogs, rabbits, cats, pigs and monkeys - without easing their pain or their fear. As future doctors and veternerians there should be more thought about the suffering of those animals that only serve this one purpose and then they are usually killed and discarded. They deserve better now, especially in modern day.
  • 2 weeks ago
Respect for all life.
gilava falah
  • 2 weeks ago
Gillian Rolbein
  • 3 weeks ago
Bob the eagle
  • 3 weeks ago
Jill Heins
  • 4 weeks ago
This is an unconscionable waste of tax money and an unethical practice.
Corina Ghergheli
  • 1 month ago
Beckey Bethea
  • 1 month ago
Kylie Scott
  • 2 months ago
Animals need to be cared for and respected, always and forever