Dog Tethering

PETITION: Make it illegal to leave a dog left tied "tethered" and unattended in the State of Ohio.

TARGET: Ohio House of Representatives and Governor John Kasich

We have all passed by a dog which is left tied up outside in horrible conditions while the owner is nowhere in sight. Leaving your "pet" tied outside is irresponsible and no way to treat man's best friend. This practice is currently illegal in California and Connecticut. Other states have similar laws but they don't go far enough in ensuring that the animal is being properly taken care of and treated properly. Please sign and share this petition asking the Governor and State Representatives of Ohio to sign and enforce a law similar to the California Health and Safety Code Section 122335 within SB 1578.

We the undersigned are writing to ask you to create and sign a law similar to California Health and Safety Code Section 122335 within SB 1578. In summary, this law makes it illegal to leave a dog chained or tethered outside and unattended. A person who violates this is guilty of an infraction or a misdemeanor. We do not believe it is fair to the dog nor in the dog's best interest to be tied or "tethered" for long periods of time. This practice leads to behavioral problems and puts member's of the community at risk. We would like to see this practice stopped and the violators punished.


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Recent Supporters

Raleigh koritz
  • 2 weeks ago
Richard Engle
  • 2 weeks ago
Jana Řepová
  • 2 weeks ago
Kuro Fox
  • 4 weeks ago
Dogs would surely die if left out in the heat or even sheer cold with this in mind. The whole idea of having a pet is either taking care of it inside and letting them out when they need to or giving them a proper space to move around in the shade and not have something around its neck to choke it and prevent it from a regular shelter that is pretty much a basis for a pet's needs. Let's make sure we can help the worlds progress by helping out these animals so that they can live healthier and happier lives sooner. Only we can actually make progress happen otherwise it just simply won't and nothing will change. People need this change as much as the animals themselves for a more peaceful and safe world to share in. We need to know animals are going to be okay and taken care of even in the most trivial details as some people may truly not know what they have done to an animal until it is too late.
Roberta Morrison
  • 4 weeks ago
Dogs left like this are often teased until they become aggressive and then are killed because their owner didn't care enough to properly house them. They also tend to knock over their own water on hot days leading to heatstroke or death. If people won't care for their own animals properly, they shouldn't have them!
Joyce Brand
  • 1 month ago
Growing up in the north, I know the cold,wind, heat that occurs. Every living thing needs a type of shelter. Please be kind!
Kelly Korkes
  • 1 month ago
hedil mensi
  • 1 month ago
Tracy Hiner
  • 1 month ago
No need to ask I would think.
Hans Hammond
  • 1 month ago