Dog Tethering

PETITION: Make it illegal to leave a dog left tied "tethered" and unattended in the State of Ohio.

TARGET: Ohio House of Representatives and Governor John Kasich

We have all passed by a dog which is left tied up outside in horrible conditions while the owner is nowhere in sight. Leaving your "pet" tied outside is irresponsible and no way to treat man's best friend. This practice is currently illegal in California and Connecticut. Other states have similar laws but they don't go far enough in ensuring that the animal is being properly taken care of and treated properly. Please sign and share this petition asking the Governor and State Representatives of Ohio to sign and enforce a law similar to the California Health and Safety Code Section 122335 within SB 1578.

We the undersigned are writing to ask you to create and sign a law similar to California Health and Safety Code Section 122335 within SB 1578. In summary, this law makes it illegal to leave a dog chained or tethered outside and unattended. A person who violates this is guilty of an infraction or a misdemeanor. We do not believe it is fair to the dog nor in the dog's best interest to be tied or "tethered" for long periods of time. This practice leads to behavioral problems and puts member's of the community at risk. We would like to see this practice stopped and the violators punished.


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Recent Supporters

Anne Salemo
  • 23 hours ago
Let's stick the guy who chained his dog outside for a while, see if he would like it.
Sayenne Heijkamp
  • 1 week ago
I love dogs
Melissa MCamley
  • 1 week ago
Kelly Rogers
  • 2 weeks ago
Dogs left outside succumb to a host of illnesses, not being fed on a regular basis, become aggressive. Along with these dogs are pack animals and need to be in one, whether with their human(s) or with other dogs. Being forgotten outside the freeze in the winter and bake in the summer. Please make it illegal for dogs to be tethered outside at all. I believe in doing so your states rates of dog bites will go down and the dogs will be healthier and happier. I believe in the quality of life. Plus, dogs make a better watch dog from inside when they feel the need to protect the ones they love. Thank-You, for your vote in ending this misery for countless dogs
Michelle Angelini
  • 3 weeks ago
Tethering is cruel. Dogs are sentient beings and have emotions the same as humans. Dogs are beautiful creatures and need love and compassion. Imagine if you, as their human, were tethered outside with no shelter, food, water or love. Yeah, just imagine it.
Petrea Robinette
  • 4 weeks ago
Carol Dibbens
  • 4 weeks ago
Its abuse to leave any animal tied up for long periods of time
Jebbie Lamb
  • 1 month ago
Linda Meyers
  • 1 month ago
Because protecting animals from abuse is long overdue. There should be a registry of people accused of animal cruelty just like sex offenders have one. This way those who sell pets or even in the shelters would know whether a precious animal is going to a good home. Start giving people real punishment and it might deter all the cruelty
Angeline Lam
  • 2 months ago
I'm against all forms off cruelty against animals!