Petition to Stop Plan to Gas Geese to Death for being "Nuisances"

PETITION: Stop Plan to Gas Geese to Death for being "Nuisances"

Target: Governor of Wisconsin: Scott Walker

It has been decided to start gassing and killing the geese that live on certain lakes in the Wisconsin towns of Twin Cities and Mondovi. These cities plan to round up the geese and their babies and kill them with carbon dioxide in gas chambers. There are far better ways to get rid of these so called “problem” geese. They are only being deemed problems because residents claim that they’re too noisy, eat too much grass, and produce too much feces.

There are far better ways to eradicate this problem, such as habitat modification – or simply using dogs to chase them off of the certain bodies of water. Obviously imposing a public ban on feeding geese would make them not want to stay in certain areas as opposed to migrating and constantly moving.

These humane ideas are far better long-term solutions; if the cities just kill the birds, more geese will move in to take their spots, and the problem will not be solved.

Rounding up and gassing geese is a horribly cruel and ineffective way to deal with this issue. Sign the petition to tell Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker to stop the plans to kill these innocent animals.


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