Ban Pig Gestation Crates

PETITION: Ban Pig Gestation Crates

TARGET: Governor Phil Murphy

Gestation crates are very small metal cages where a mother pig, crated by pig producers, is confined for most of her life. The cages are so small that a mother pig can barely take a step back or forward. They are forced to stand in one place while carrying piglets. Pigs are also known to be one of the smartest animals besides humans, and scientists are claiming that the small parameters are having tremendous mental and psychological effects on the captive swine. Nine states have completely banned gestation crates yet in New Jersey, Phil Murphy has not taken steps to do the same. The legislation is passed, however, he has not signed the bill to put it into effect. Join us in urging Governor Christie to sign the bill.


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Its abusive and unjust. we are taking a life of an animal that has the consciousness and emphaticness of a 4 year old and in return for society's demand for food the fast growing problem is becoming more cruel due to profit of money .I SHAME ANYONE WHO FEELS THAT THESE ANIMALS DON'T DESERVE MOVEMENT they are giving there life and children to us but we are not respecting them in return,you are eating an animal that has been impregnated and slaved with no wellbeing all for our taste buds.There children are ripped away like objects and because they cant speak english we are pillaging them of basic rights for living ,they then are slaughtered after being used like machines.So we say eating an animal that has only felt sorrow and pain makes us happy and is enjoyable to eat or we need the vitamins that benefit our bodys. what good are we giving to our body from a animal that has only felt torture and feared life . i work with pigs and i can say they are the most affectionate and intelligent animals i know and that there level of intelligence is not recognised when compared to dogs they are as intelligent and empathetic even though they are seen as food .