Ban Greyhound Racing in the U.S.

PETITION: Ban Greyhound Racing in the U.S.

TARGET: Governors of Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Iowa, Texas, and West Virginia

In the last five years, nearly 1,000 racing greyhounds have died and 12,000 have suffered injuries from broken legs, crushed skulls, broken necks, paralysis, seizures, and death by electrocution. As these are just the reported injuries and deaths, the majority of the 80,000 greyhounds born into dog racing can't even be accounted for. Seven states still have active greyhound tracks, despite the injuries, deaths, and cruelty surrounding the industry. They are fed a diet based on cheap, diseased meat, and are routinely deprived of basic veterinary care. Greyhounds are often dosed with dangerous, illegal drugs and some dogs have even tested positive for cocaine. Greyhound racing is illegal in most of the country. But we need your help in signing this petition to demand that the cruel practice of greyhound racing be brought to an end in the seven remaining states where racing continues.


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Recent Supporters

Sharon Mulkey
  • 1 month ago
this must be outlawed. animal abuse pure and simple.
Gloria Brandt
  • 2 months ago
The races are cruel and inhumane. But, what's worse is what happens to the "retired" dogs that can no longer race.
Nathalie Cordiero
  • 2 months ago
Alex Brownstein
  • 4 months ago
Christine Thörnwall
  • 5 months ago
deb spanhake
  • 5 months ago
They race them to death no concern on well being welfare or care
selva millheiser
  • 5 months ago
It's Abusive!!
Carmen Sara
  • 5 months ago
Chad Hamilton
  • 5 months ago
robin karlsson
  • 6 months ago