Petition to Keep Grizzly Bears on the Threatened List

PETITION: Conserve Grizzly Bears

TARGET: US Wildlife Services

The Federal Government is considering removing Grizzly Bears off of the “Threatened” species list even though there is less than 1000 Yellowstone Grizzly Bears left. By removing them from the list, would make them a target for Trophy Hunters.
Due to severe shortages caused by overfishing, the struggle to bring the population above 1000 is an extremely difficult battle. Their nutrition impacts their already low reproduction rates, which are the slowest of any terrestrial mammal in North America. This makes it even more difficult for them to rebound from survival threats than many other animals. An open season on these bears will drive them back to the brink of extinction. Meanwhile, the grizzly bear is sacred to Sioux mythology, and Sioux tribe members are strongly opposed to its delisting. Hunting and killing a grizzly bear is tantamount to sacrilege in Sioux belief.


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Stella Koch
  • 2 weeks ago
All entities of life are important thats what makes the world go round and survive. Everything on this earth has a purpose did you forget that? Please keep the Endangered Species Act in tact and leave our wildlife alone. Seems like everytime some thinks they know better they ruin more things on this earth. Improvements and so called Progress is NOT the way I think this has been proven.
Petrea Robinette
  • 4 weeks ago
Joseph Wenzel
  • 4 weeks ago
Dana Wong
  • 3 months ago
Denise Dunn
  • 3 months ago
Paula Carrell
  • 3 months ago
Sandra Exton
  • 4 months ago
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Judth Shiel
  • 4 months ago
Maria Kaidas
  • 4 months ago