Petition to ban cruel horse fights

PETITION: Tell the Philipines to ban cruel horse fighting />
TARGET: Dr. Danilo Costa - the head of the Philippine Animal Welfare Division

In an Organized Horse Fight a female horse is tied up in the center of an arena and two male horses are incited to fight each other. The female horse’s scent arouses the fighting instinct of the stallions, and the ‘winning’ horse mounts the female after fighting. Organized Horse Fighting is unnaturally brutal. During a fight, male horses are forced to bite, kick and strike each other with their hooves, inflicting serious injuries until one of them submits, flees or is killed. The suffering experienced by these horses is brutal and agonizing. While most fights last about 15 minutes, historically they have gone on for up to three hours. Today, bouts are limited to one hour, to maximise the number of fights per day. It can sometimes take up to a week for these horses to die. Organized Horse Fighting events are conducted in city stadiums or large fenced in areas before raucous crowds who attend in anticipation of intense fighting, gore and death. Organized Horse Fights are major events, and run over three days. They are referred to as derbies, and arranged by local crime syndicates. While horse fighting is promoted under the guise of tradition, the main reason it is prevalent is gambling, with bets reaching 1,000,000 pesos ($21,000/£14,000/€20,000). And, although Organized Horse Fighting is illegal, organizers receive sponsorship money from local business managers and politicians. This is testament to how accepted the cruelty and pain of Organized Horse Fighting is within the island nation. Please sign your name to the petition and help put an end to this cruel activity.


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