Petition to stop the Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration

PETITION: Shut down the Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration to stop “Soring” horsesbr />
TARGET: United States Department of Agriculture

Tennessee Walking horse competitions reward the horse that essentially has the highest gait or “big lick” style. In order to achieve this extremely unnatural state many trainers resort to “soring.” The methods used for "soring" horses typically create as much pain as possible for the horse so that it picks its feet up as quickly and high as possible.
Some of the common ways to achieve this are to put chemicals like mustard oil, salicylic acid, kerosene, or diesel fuel on the horses' hooves and legs. Many trainers overtrim their hooves, wrap their legs in chains dipped in chemicals, and put nails and screws under the pad of the shoe.
Why mess with the fragile web of nature to fix a problem that doesn’t really exist to only go off and create an even potentially bigger problem? Oxitec is trying to use a loophole by applying to the FDA for an "animal bug" patent. This could mean these mutant mosquitoes could be released at any point against the wishes of locals and the scientific community. We need to make sure the FDA does not approve Oxitec's patent.
At the 2013 Celebration, the USDA found that 67% of the participating horses tested positive for substances used to cover up "soring." As long as these competitions exist, trainers are going to try to get around the rules and continue to put horses in pain so that they win.


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Recent Supporters

Sherrie Shown
  • 6 days ago
Kiki van Seumeren
  • 1 month ago
We shouldn’t let animals suffer
Jalissa Alise
  • 1 month ago
This is important to me because, all horses should live a pain free life. They should be loved, spoiled, and respected; the exact way we humans should be!????
Patty Townsend
  • 2 months ago
Because the Big Lick causes non stop pain to these beautiful horses. They lie down in their stalls, growning in pain, trying to get off their feet. They are beaten to make them stand up. They cannot speak for themselves. The Big Lick isn't even their natural gait! It is a false gait, that started in the 1930's and kept getting worse until it got to its most barbaric state today. These horses never get to be horses. They are stalled, by themselves, 24/7, unless they are in a show. The people who practice this tortuous Big Lick, lie and say it is not painful. They should be banned from ever owning a horse again. There are people who ride the Tennessee Walking Horse, naturally, and they understand how cruel this is. When they are so crippled and cannot perform anymore they are sent to slaughter. No living creature deserves a life like this. PLEASE STOP IT.
Sharon Peters
  • 2 months ago
pauline paine
  • 3 months ago
I cannot imagine the pain and suffering inflicted on these poor horses and for what. So that pompous, sadistic people can parade them around and show them off. Why is this not against the law and why is it still going? This is 2018 for goodness sake. What a poor reflection on the people and the country that upholds and tolerates this. SHAME ON YOU ALL. It makes me feel sick to my stomach.
Holly Ebert
  • 3 months ago
Amanda Fleming
  • 4 months ago
Eve Delmonte
  • 4 months ago
Hannah Wilkins-Mullings
  • 4 months ago
Animal cruelty needs to stop