Petition to Make Polar Bear Hunting Illegal in Canada

PETITION: Make Polar Bear Hunting Illegal in Canada

TARGET: Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau

The global population of polar bears is estimated between 20,000 and 22,000 which classifies them as 'threatened.' Although there is a small number of polar bears left, over 1,000 are hunted annually! This prevents the polar bear population from increasing to a healthier number. Canada is the only nation in the world that allows polar bear hunting by non-natives and non-citizens. The main problem with this is that 60% of polar bears reside in Canada. By allowing hunting by non-natives and non-citizens it creates a bloody business where trophy hunters sell hunting tours in Canada to kill polar bears. The hunt of one male polar bear is offered for $35,000 and there are people who really do book these tours to trophy hunt. There has also been an increase in polar bear skin sales. The Canadian government actually encourages the hunt and are paying hunters for Polar Bear hides. The government pre-pays hunters for the hides of bears shot and then sell the hides at auctions for up to $11,000. Tell the Canadian government to stop the legal slaughter of one of the highest endangered species in the world.


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Daniela Urselmann
  • 5 days ago
Daniela Urselmann
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Pauline Burak
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Deborah Hill
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Teresa Wright
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Doreen Alexander
  • 5 months ago
Polar Bears are at the top of my list of Endangered Species due to human caused rapid climate change. We must help them. Whatever it takes. They depend on the ice for seal hunting. So stop the baby seal hunts first of all. Then help them find new terrain so they can eat. Do Something. This is the saddest thing I've ever seen. No one is doing anything to help solve this problem.
Marta Hawk
  • 5 months ago
Anne Miettinen
  • 5 months ago