Petition to stop the possum drop in Brasstown, NC

PETITION: Stop the possum drop in Brasstown, N.C./>
Target: North Carolina General Assembly

The Annual Possum Drop at Clay's Corner in Brasstown, N.C. was stopped in 2013 and 2014 but was allowed to go on this past New Year's Eve. This event involves lowering a live possum while fireworks and loud noises go off to ring in the New Year. In 2013 and 14 a fake possum was lowered as opposed to a live one. The event is done to mimic the annual ball drop in Times Square. Last year the state's General Assembly passed a law to suspend enforcement of state wildlife rules as they apply to opossums for a few days before and after New Year's Eve. Please sign this petition and let the North Carolina General Assembly know how ridiculous this law is and that the possum drop should not be allowed to go on.


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Selorm Mensah
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Jill Heins
  • 3 months ago
State wildlife rules should never be suspended. Animals should always to protected from unnecessary cruelty--no exceptions.
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WilliamDweryWB WilliamDweryWB
  • 4 months ago
a new anythology TN633 Gary Shearston has been a major influence on foreign music for some five decades. In a society where we are conditioned to take music without any consideration, As one additional dismissible commodity, Gary's music has stood the biggest test of all the test of time. Gary Shearston is the closest Australia has ever come to producing a local version of Bob Dylan (Bruce parent, SMH). Grossman invited Shearston to surf to the States. US immigration locked him out. So Shearston ended up in London in the early 1970s where, Signed to panache Records (Famous for a catalogue including Genesis and Van Der Graaf Generator) He scored a hit with an unadorned version of Cole Porter's I Get a kick out of <a href=>beautiful moldova</a> You TM. He eventually moved back to Australia to raise his as well as friends later to commit himself to his beliefs and church. during all these travels, Both physical and psychic, Gary has continued to create new songs and revisit his old ones. For those who have been living in a parallel universe (Or controlling CMC); And are inexplicably ignorant of Shearston TMs career, A little backtracking may be that you. Gary Shearston was raised in Tenterfield, new south wales. When he was 12 years old his family moved to Sydney where, After steeping out of school, He went on to work as a correspondent. His childhood connection with life in the bush, in spite of this, Would develop as the dominant influences in his writing. within a late 1950s, At a time when most Australian Folk Singers were performing their repertoires in unusually broad Irish accents; When Rock n Roll and Country Singers mimicked an amazingly Overblown Texan Tone TM and when even many of The Bush Balladeers in Country Music were trying to sound more like The Singing Brakeman TM than Australian Bushmen, Gary pioneered a style that somehow managed to drag the Australian Accent, Kicking and screaming, Into the light of popular music. It is no exaggeration to say that without his influence the musical culture which spawned and guaranteed the rise of The Bushwackers, Redgum and John Williamson could possibly never have existed. By 1962 Gary was living in Kings Cross and had fallen consuming The Sydney Bush Music Club. He was already performing Australian classics, in the middle his more accessible material, When the folk boom TM of the early 1960 TMs hit. people in Folk and Country Music (Who oftentimes sing them now) Are often unacquainted with how close to oblivion, Songs for example, the Rybuck Shearer and Lachlan Tigers actually came. Lloyd, battle each other Triton, Edgar waters and Eric Watson, Who collected and ended up saving Australia TMs Musical Heritage. Shearston quickly became a regular the performer on TV and in Sydney Clubs, And was invited to spread out The Troubadour Folk Club at the insistence of Brother John Sellers, The American Bluesman who was performing here when i bought it. foreign Broadside TM, showing Sydney Town TM, Cemented his position as one of hawaiian Music TMs leading voices. His amazing, Sometime Lovin' TM became a world wide hit when it was recorded by Peter, Paul and Mary on their own LP, book TM, having 1965. including Bob Dylan, John denver colorado and Gordon Lightfoot, Whose careers were also launched when their work was presented by that iconic folk trio, Shearston TMs star was rising rapidly in the global arena. But there is another side to Gary Shearston, And it was one which could inevitably lead to both his finest moments and his greatest challenges. whilst gary, who had previously been raised a Christian; Was a specialist activist. expertise, He was a man whose belief in the redemptive power of song led him to begin writing material which openly targeted selected more contentious Inequalities and injustices of the day. His stances on Australia TMs involvement in the Vietnam War and on Australian Settler Culture TMs treatment of our Indigenous people were set to put him in conflict with a lot of those who, right at that moment, Controlled it and Media Markets. It even led to death provocations against him. One night time time, At a packed show at The Sydney Town Hall, Shearston was warned by Police that they had received credible information that there could possibly be an attempt to assassinate him on stage and, Since they will not guarantee his safety, He should cancel his overall look. Shearston refused to be silenced by such threats of violence. The courage it must have taken to step credit card into that spotlight; To perform passionately and <a href=>moldova dating</a> to speak clearly and uncompromisingly of his beliefs was an enormous desire to anyone who witnessed it. included in the wake of PP TMs cover of his song, Gary frequently went to the USA and was invited to record with Warner Bros. that's why, Even despite a Letter of Good Character TM written by Edward Kennedy, He was declined a Greencard. Reactionary army had, It sounded, Conspired to silence him again and Shearston was the right way blacklisted and forbidden to perform; Suffering the same fate as The Weavers and some other heroes of The Anti War Music Movement. It was a draining reversal. His position nose dived. Shearston TMs determination however, Was his personal force. For your dog, there was always Tomorrow TM. at the begining of 1972, He left the united states for England. It was to be here that yet re ignite his career. In an necessary ironic twist, And one which exacted eco-friendly tea's health benefits little cultural revenge, He increased to the top of the English Charts in 1974, With a quirky version of Col Porter TMs vintage, I Get a boot out Of You. It was shipped in a deadpan and uncompromising Aussie accent; A style that was clearly Broad Aussie TM taking on Broadway TM. employees loved it! with time, but bear in mind, It was to be the spring up of Gary TMs Christian Faith, In what follows decade, That would reset the path of his career and lead him back to the country of his birth. the particular late 1980 TMs, While still recording and setting aside time for, He felt much more drawn to pursue a religious vocation. Shearston was likely ordained an Anglican minister in July 1992. Great books, Like exceptional songs, Often run in bags. Eventually, After acting congregations in Deniliquin, hay and Bangalow, Gary returned to his neck of the woods of Tenterfield where he and his wife, Karen, Purchased the very house in which Gary had lived as a child. Shearston retired from full time mum Parish Ministry in 2003. Shearston TMs latest offer you, Which features his son, luke, On drums has been superbly constructed mixed by Roger Illott at Restless Studios, on Stanthorpe. It is a new and exciting musical chapter in the life of a man who is rightly acknowledged as an Australian Music Legend. (dab Drummond, u. s,world Update) This collection offers music selected from those five decades to represent Gary's repertoire, However two cds barely does justice to the body of songs recorded by him over these years. Some are taken from his very earliest recordings when he was seen as the most efficient interpreter of Australia's bush song tradition. i thought this was in the heyday (Or must i say Hootenanny days?) Of the you can also use folk revival when Australians were singing with broad Irish accents, title of like frisky sailors or cotton pickers on the Mississippi. Gary was one of the few determined to sing our own songs about shearers, Drovers together with bushmen, And with a perfect bush voice. He also started to sing new songs coded in the folk idiom, Songs that told Australian stories and his collection of contemporary songs, Issued as 'Australian Broadside' was a landmark album in bicycles of our music. often a social activist, Gary also wrote songs the shown the changing society we lived in. these folks good, Solid songs that resonated around the actual and the world. He saw features of fame: A the media,computer series, Extended record commitment, Big stadium shows etc but he usually saw throughout these as simply a part of his other life. He decided to Britain and toured to Ireland, The States and in a different place and made some recordings in England that found their way back to Australia. He eventually moved back to make his family, and as well, down the road, To commit him or her self to his beliefs and church. almost everywhere in all these travels, Both physical and religious, Gary continued to supply new songs and revisit his old ones. up until recently decade, We TMve been happy to have several releases from Gary Shearston. Each is stuffed with songs that feed the soul, Challenge the mind and do the actual heart organ all power of good. God bless whilst gary Shearston. He often has. (Anna pink, northern Daily Leader) Gary Shearston were to folk what Johnny O TMKeefe would have been to rock. (Monica, 2BL listener on Richard Glover TMs afternoon show during 2010 on air interview/live success) "Gary Shearston is termed the DOYEN of Australian folkies, Gary is more than that he is Royalty in our Australian record companies. (Raymond Phillips, Country crop).
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