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PETITION: Protect Wolverines
Target: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

There has been a unanimous recommendation by scientists that the wolverine have the status of "threatened" under the Endangered Species Act (ESA). However, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) has abandoned their plans to protect this majestic species. There are fewer than 300 of these animals left in the Lower 48. Most of these 300 are in the northern Rockies. With this small of a population, scientists estimate that their reproductive capacity is no more than about 30 annually!! This small populations of wolverines face a mounting list of threats, including habitat loss, low reproductive rates, direct and indirect trapping, and low genetic diversity. Not to mention the impact that climate change is having on their ever decreasing habitat.


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You'd love based on me on Tinder The people behind the smartphone apps Snapchat and Tinder have the power to reshape how we talk with our romantic and sexual partners, And how we seek and have sex itself. That's an enormous duty one that requires maturity, Good judgment and a wholesome respect for gender equality. assist, A few of the people behind Snapchat and Tinder seem to have none of the above. When news broke last week that a former v. p,second in command of Tinder filed a sexual harassment suit against the mobile dating app company, The most salacious parts of the complaint quickly spread around online. Whitney Wolfe alleges that her former coworker Justin Mateen, Chief online marketing officer of the hugely popular app, which is called her a "whore" (Among other one slurs) And deliberately concealed Wolfe's role in founding the company, In part since it would look too "Slutty" For a woman to have contributed to the roll-out of a dating and casual sex app. Eventually, Wolfe guarantees, Mateen and ceo Sean Rad bullied her into resigning from Tinder. Wolfe also identified as IAC/Interactive Corp, Tinder's bulk investor, in the suit. An IAC adviser has described the accusations as "misguided. He also said that the company is conducting an internal inspection over the charges, And has suspended Mateen because of its finding that he did send private, incongruous messages to Wolfe. Mateen did not respond to Reuters' get comment. Mateen is not the first Silicon Valley startup wunderkind to be busted for mistreating members of attractive potential partners. In should, Valleywag published a few leaked emails from Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel. As a Stanford basic, Spiegel joked with his fellow Kappa Sigma brothers about how much alcohol it would take to get sorority girls drunk enough to have sex with them, And suggested that renovation,will not congratulate themselves for throwing a great party was to "incorporate some girl put your large Kappa Sigma dick down her throat, Spiegel may now wish he had Snapchatted those mail messages to his frat brothers, rather than emailing them. Written five years back, it shouldn't exactly instill confidence in his maturity, Nor do they suggest much respect for the several women who use his app. In May Spiegel issued a public apology for writing the emails and said that he is "Mortified and humiliated" that they are made public. One of Wolfe's tasks at Tinder ended up being to get young, without delay women on board, And to convince them which the instant hookup app was appealing. this is not a novel idea; It's the digital same in principle as ladies' night at the bar. If you build it and stock it with alluring women, The men will come. reading Wolfe's suit against her male co founders, despite the fact, And after readingSpiegel's writing emails, It should be clear that these aren't the men we want at the helm of our bold new digital dating enterprise. these aren't the men the very young men we need in charge of determining how old prejudices and problems are translated into the digital, Handheld old age. how quickly Tinder allows users to reject people swipe left or "including" Them tap a green heart is effective, But it's also cold. Objectifying people on Tinder isn't necessary, But it's certainly easier than on dating websites like OkCupid or heaven forefend in real life. And the ephemeral nature of Snapchat of having no record of your own words, And knowing that many others are unlikely to have a record of them either can leave one feeling reckless and unaccountable. Reckless unaccountability and sex are rarely a good formula. We know from observing other recent dating technology, as though OkCupid, That for anyone its transformative power, technology tends to merely reproduce pre existing power dynamics and hierarchies. Black women find it harder to get men to respond to them on OkCupid, Just as they face splendour and warped beauty standards offline. Women across the board are subject to harassing and sexually aggressive messages in uniform dating spaces, Just as they are in the flesh. inside of this sense, The purportedly disruptive world of Silicon Valley is not, As Jill Lepore recently argued in the New Yorker, All that bothersome. poor people of ghana who get funding, And thereby the opportunity to change our world, Are the same those who been getting funding all along: white colored, Tech the knowledgeable men. Only on this occasion, They're younger because Silicon Valley fetishizes youth and it's rather more likely that their youthful indiscretions, Like emailing fraternity brothers and urging them to get women so drunk as to make sexual consent unthinkable, Are only a few years in it. Because these owners are younger, They've had fewer years to mature and dispense with any sexist attitudes all of them may have had as undergrads. That Silicon Valley has a gender issue is hardly news. When Google released its business office diversity numbers in May, The figures were grim when compared to the workforce in general, With women that represent only 30 percent of employees overall, And just 17 percent of tech jobs at private information. But with many of our dating lives being transformed by apps developed by male business people in their 20s, The gender is actually magnified, transformed into something truly ugly and deeply problematic and it deserves closer attention than it now receives. I'm precisely the kind of woman Tinder wants on board: budding, Single, downtown, with a good profile picture. But if fundamental essentials guys who built it, I'd fairly leave. photos: Tinder screenshots courtesy of an additional. REUTERS/Tinder As a person who has never used such a site or will likely ever use such a site, I can say it is highly unlikely that you would ever meet anyone of any substance on such a site. you can use those that are pretty, But that a really shallow assessment of virtue. At best above are casual sex sites, Which I suppose also supply those getting work done in the sex trades some additional contacts. in spite of this, a kid who is well spoken and intelligent is unlikely to need such a service. Now regardless, many individuals, both men and women are not intelligent or well spoken, And so may find them useful. however, They do supply those who believe themselves to be deviants in sexual behaviors the capability to anonomously (or at best with little exposure) join similarly oriented people. This is only necessary because of the suppressed nature of sexuality in the predomonantly religious societies that use the shame associated with sex and the supposed deviant natures as a means of control and manipulation. it may seem these guys are jerks, And they usually are, but then so likely are you. When the conversation around sex becomes open and less a clandestine secret language of treatment and use, I maybe change my thoughts. never the less, This seems more like another attempt at guilt by similarity of gender rather than well thought out expression of opinion. I don appreciate you, And it isn't likely that I could ever, Since mau requires a less than honest expression of self. Posted by brotherkenny4 Report as harassing as someone who does use tinder, I <a href=>Charmdate scam reviews</a> had quite some success in meeting young, spectacular women. Cotnrary to liked opinion states, It as not as common or intuitive apps like tinder for casual sex. truth be told, a number of women who use tinder are often looking only for self validation; Once an offer to meet someplace in real,Life is long-term, they often shy away and cease contact. that being said, i have had success in not only hooking up, but making new friends. Despite Miss Angyal concerns, Apps like Tinder will only you have to be the norm; In my opinion judging their nature based on the antics of the founders is rather silly. Would you not use an Apple product since Steve Jobs was well known to be a rude arrogant jerk to many of his employees? everything that stop using Google because Eric Schmidt is a philanderer. Use of a service should be based upon how useful and/or well received it is by users, Not because of private feelings to the people who conceived it. If that were the case, Than we should cease using probably the most common everyday products that have revolutionized our way of life. Posted by Zuhalter Report as abusive First really content about this this crap. The in order to and write this An enormous liability one that requires maturity, Good judgment and a beautiful respect for gender equality. the catch is, A few of the people behind Snapchat and Tinder seem to have none of the above. Equality lemming flavor of the growing season. You legal right. You don need any longer social media. You already bombarded with liberal crap self absorbed enough. then you're shocked at that the scum who run this crap and act all moral? Please give us all a rest. Posted by Crash866 Report as violent people who get funding, And thereby the chance to change our world, Are the same individuals who been getting funding all along: along with white, Tech experience men. Might it is suggested adding to the end, feeling of entitlement completely, Sounds a lot like the folks I know who use Tinder, Who all really are males, And certainly aren shining data morality. I have no clue of any women who have used it, But as a immediately, Single white male with no fascination with being a Silicon Valley tech superstar, I am OK with it staying in that position. Obviously the main a guy, So needless to they wrong mindset. i'm talking about, It not like for women who live been caught lying and sending guys to prison for rape, When they never touched them. everyone understands that women are perfect angels that never do anything wrong. And they of course never use paid dating sites as a tool to tease guys by the hundreds, Because they anxious for attention or want to unleash their venom towards the entire male population. not a chance, That never shows up. Posted by dd606 Report as harassing I had to say because well, I was bored and unhappy so I joined Tinder for kicks. my home is a rural place currently for work, you may even I went in this direction. nevertheless, I gone on some dates with dudes from OkCupid. beneficial and fun, But nothing continual. Well I met a remarkable guy on Tinder. 9 years older than me. Not sure if it will be a long term romanntic relationship, But we dating exclusively for the moment. He pretty great and treats me with the most respect. simultaneously, We have mind-numbing and i mean amazing sex. I just adage. Real connectors can happen. Posted by ziggypop Report as harassing What truly amazing is that the young men of today don seem to know that to women so drunk as to make sexual consent impossible is rape.