Tell Russia to Stop Killing Stray Dogs for World Cup 2018!

PETITION: Tell Russia to Stop Killing Stray Dogs for World Cup 2018!


TARGET: Russian Sports Minister Pavel Kolobkov

Just as was done in Sochi, Russia, before the 2014 Winter Olympics, stray dogs were reportedly being killed recently in 11 Russian cities that will host the World Cup this summer.

By bringing awareness to this issue, Russian Sports Minister Pavel Kolobkov has recommended that host cities create temporary animal shelters in which the strays can be housed during the World Cup games. This is the same awareness that was brought up on this issue prior to their hosting the Olympics in Sochi in 2014.

There are approximately 2 million homeless dogs and cats roaming the streets in the 11 cities hosting the World Cup this year. We are asking that you start an aggressive spay and neuter program.

Please sign and share this petition urging Pavel Kolobkov to require that street dogs be sterilized, not killed, in cities hosting the World Cup. 



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