Snares and Trapping

PETITION: Ban Leg Hold, Coil Spring, Conibear, and Snare traps in the U.S..

TARGET: U.S. House of Representatives, Ryan Zinke - Secretary of the Interior, Daniel Ashe - Director U.S. Wildlife Services

The undersigned list of compassionate people want to see trapping in America abolished. We want to see the use and sale of these traps made illegal. Not only are traps cruel, they are also completely indiscriminate. When a trapper sets out a trap they have absolutely no idea what they are going to catch. Often times, endangered species and pets step in these traps and are never reported. When an animal steps on a trap, the traps jaws slam shut, clamping down on the animals limbs. As the animal struggles to free itself, the vise gets tighter and cuts into its flesh. Many times trapped animals become so desperate to escape the torturous trap that they actually chew off their own paw in order to escape.

Why is slamming any random animals appendage into a trap, leaving it to die of thirst or starvation (most laws don't require checking traps daily), or drowning it supported? These traps are illegal in 88 other countries, and should be banned in America too. Most civilized countries around the world have already banned trapping - time for the United States of America to adopt a no-trapping policy.


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Recent Supporters

Abbey Zap
  • 2 days ago
Because snares and traps are inhumane!
Nancy Mccormick
  • 3 days ago
Donna Crisp
  • 2 weeks ago
Donna Crisp
  • 2 weeks ago
Amanda Fleming
  • 1 month ago
Tru Wise
  • 1 month ago
I guess people don't think that when they do this they aren't just hurting that one animal. Often times animals will go out and hunt for their young and then get caught in that trap and then their children that were relying on them are going to die because their mother is caught and killed. Imagine you are sitting at home and your mother ran to the store to buy food and she never returned and you couldn't even leave your house. That is the equivalent to what is happening to these animals.
susan Lane
  • 1 month ago
this is a most horrendous form of cruelty and NO animal should be put through this, BAN traps now.
Mary Beth Richardson
  • 2 months ago
I feel very upset that there is such a thing as trapping anymore. It's wrong in so many ways. There should be no trapping allowed anywhere in this world. I'm sick and tired of this crap continuing to happen. Animals are thinking beings and don't deserve to be treated like objects for human pleasure. Wake up world we are destroying the planet and anything else that moves.
rose moore
  • 2 months ago
Andrés Castro
  • 2 months ago