Petition to Stop horrific “Dog Spinning” ritual

PETITION: Stop horrific “Dog Spinning” ritual

Target: Bulgarian Ambassador to the United States

This petition is to stop the horrific “Dog Spinning” ritual in Bulgarian. Every year on March 6th, residents of a village in Bulgaria perform a horrific act called "dog spinning.” In this crazy event, dogs are suspended above a body of water with the belief that this will prevent rabies and keep away evil spirits. They aren’t just suspended, but a rope is tied around its chest and twisted until it is as tight as it will get. Once it is released, the rope is released, and the dog spins around wildly. Before the dog even has a chance to catch its breath, it's dumped into the freezing water.

This is obviously not safe and is very abusive to the dog. Some dogs have drowned because they're too disoriented to swim to the surface of the water. The Bulgarian government decided that this was inhumane and it was officially banned in 2006, but the law is not enforced, and people continue performing the sadistic ritual.

For years, animal advocates in Bulgaria have tried to put an end to this atrocity, desperately urging villagers to use stuffed dogs instead. But until police officers start enforcing the ban on the practice, it will keep happening, and more dogs will suffer and die. Sign this petition to tell the Bulgarian ambassador to the United States that you do not want any more dogs tortured and killed in this cruel “spinning” ritual.


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