Stop Giving Puppy Mills Advance Notice of Inspections

PETITION: Don't give advanced notice of inspections

TARGET: Bernadette Juarez, deputy administrator of animal care, USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service

The U.S.D.A has announced a pilot program in which it will conduct announced inspections. As opposed to surprising puppy mills, research laboratories, zoos and other facilities with animal welfare inspections, they are planning on giving them advanced notice they are coming. The reasons for a surprise inspection are obvious. If the operators are given advanced notice they can hide sick and dying animals, clean up dirty areas and otherwise cover up violations of the Animal Welfare Act.

One of the touted benefits of this is that the facilities are able to choose the "optimal hours" for their inspection. This is obviously ridiculous when this can undermine the entire point of the inspection process. 


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Why in the world would you give these people time to cover up their true conditions
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