Stop Puppy Mills

PETITION: To amend the Animal Welfare Act to claim that all dogs must be given 20 ft. of space above and below their dimensions, measured from the tip of their nose to the base of their tail, that is not obstructed

TARGET: US Congress

The Humane Society of the United States has found that a puppy mill contains rooms stuffed with stacks of dog cages. They are overpopulated with too many dogs to fit comfortably in each cage. The floors of the cages have wire floors that damage the dog's paws and allow urine and feces to rain down from one cage onto the heads of the dogs in the cages below. Many dogs suffer from diseases, injuries, and insect infestations that are never properly treated. The female dogs are bred every time they are in heat, until they can no longer produce puppies and are then killed.

Meanwhile, shelters are forced to euthanize 3 million puppies each year because there is an overpopulation. We can no longer accept this animal cruelty that is being excused so that puppy mill owners can reap high profits. Please sign and share this petition to stop the cruelty of puppy mills by forcing dog owners to give each dog at least 20 feet of space beyond their width and length.

We the undersigned are writing to ask you to amend pg. 65, Section 3.6, C, 1, i & iii of the Animal Welfare Act to state that dogs must be given 20 feet of space beyond their height and length. Enclosing dogs in small spaces leads to socialization problems with other dogs and humans, the spreading of illness and disease, a lack of healthy exercise, and often death. We believe that an adequate amount of space is necessary for the appropriate and healthy care of a dog. We would like to see this requirement changed and enforced.


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Recent Supporters

Susan Ifland
  • 7 hours ago
I hate abuse of animals in any way, shape or form!
Wendy Forster
  • 1 day ago
Linda Shumate
  • 1 day ago
To keep any animal in a cage, regardless of why, is wrong and people should be treated the way they treat animals.
Lisa Martinez
  • 1 day ago
I am against puppy mills
Kellie O'Connor
  • 2 days ago
Because it isn’t right to puppies !!!
Triton Hughes
  • 2 days ago
I just can't stand the idea of all those dogs cooped up in such a small space. Dogs, like humans deserve space and freedom to move around.
Doris Lamb
  • 2 days ago
No one ie a dog or cat or person should ever have to be kept in such a unacceptable small area , it is cruel it is wrong and anyone who feels it is ok ,then please by all means have someone put you into a cage this size ,and feel how all those poor animals feel ,anyone who feels it not a problem shame on you ????????????????
Carol Kavanaugh
  • 2 days ago
It is extremely important me to end puppy mills because there are millions of animals that are homeless and NEED saving.
Estela Shapiro
  • 3 days ago
Because are sooo cute and they also deserve to be cared for.
Jan Mull
  • 3 days ago
There’s so many dogs that need homes now.