Petition to right to rescue pets from hot cars

PETITION: Petition: Allow the "Right to Rescue" pets from hot cars/>
Target: U.S.D.A

As temperatures kick up in the summer, it is important to remember how hard this is on our beloved pets. According to the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), hundreds of animals die each year due to vehicular heat stroke. That is, they are left in the car and the car heats up much faster than the owner realized. The majority of these incidents happen by accident due to simple misjudgments. The temperature inside a car heats up much faster than one realizes, even on a 70 degree day the temperature inside of the car can reach 100 degrees in only 20 minutes. Recent "Right to Rescue" laws in Wisconsin, Tennessee, Florida, and Ohio are creating a way for people to intervene and help these animals in need. In the aforementioned states, concerned civilians can now forcefully break into locked vehicles to free trapped dogs (and kids) without facing civil liability. This petition asks that the rest of the country follow these states. Sign the petition below to urge the USDA to give us the right to rescue endangered pets and children.


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Recent Supporters

Magdalena Dwornicka
  • 2 days ago
Diana Smith
  • 5 days ago
Ruth Turner
  • 6 days ago
Jo Lackenby
  • 6 days ago
I think the public should have the right to act in the best interests of any animals they truly believe is in any danger!
Sara Wickenden
  • 6 days ago
Dorota ZawadziƄska
  • 1 week ago
Caroline Salfati
  • 1 week ago
  • 1 week ago
No child, being fur baby or human, should be allow to be shut in hot uncomfortable conditions.
Mary Norma Moreby
  • 1 week ago
Some people are so unaware of how hot cars get. It doesn't take long for a dog to get heat stroke. People must be able to save them when they see them in distress. It's essential they get out of the car asap so that appropiate help can be given
Candy Hunt
  • 1 week ago