Petition to ban dog fighting videos on YouTube

PETITION: Tell YouTube to Remove all Dog Fighting Videos/>
Target: Susan Wojcicki

Most people would think that a website such as YouTube would not allow brutal videos such as dogs fighting for money. However, their policy does nothing to stop this. The video-hosting website features thousands of videos relating to dog fighting, many of which are gruesome and disturbing. These videos can be seen children or anyone who for some sadistic reason wants to watch this kind of activity. There are international organizations fighting to end dog fighting every single day, yet such an influential site allows anyone to post a video showing it. Dog fighting is clearly barbaric and needs to be stopped. Demand that YouTube ban all pro-dog fighting videos.


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Recent Supporters

Cornelia Bush
  • 3 days ago
Please do all you can to eliminate these cruel practices
Paulina Kanbar
  • 4 days ago
You Tube needs to take a stand on animal abuse. Shame on You Tube for fomenting this!
J Soethaert
  • 5 days ago
Jelica Roland
  • 2 weeks ago
Susan Childs
  • 2 weeks ago
Laurie Shine
  • 2 weeks ago
Loretta Miller
  • 2 weeks ago
The way to actually achieve/pave the way for a better future... Start a petition to humanely euthanize people that enjoy engaging in cruelty to animals or any living being, for that matter.
KELLY Martins
  • 2 weeks ago
Lena Harris
  • 3 weeks ago
  • 3 weeks ago
Brutal! Sickening and animal cruelty! Look at Michael Vick and what he did to those poor dogs and the horror stories that followed on his extreme animal brutality!