Petition to allow pets in homeless shelters with their owners

PETITION: Allow pets in homeless shelters with their owners

TARGET: US Department of Housing and Urban Development

3.5 million Americans are homeless. Five to ten percent of homeless people have dogs and/or cats. In some areas of the country the rate is as high as 24%. Every homeless person has a unique story- some have lost their homes and jobs, some have mental disorders, some are addicts, and parolees. Some are: families, disabled, elderly, abused spouses, teens, and veterans. Pets provide a deep comfort. Pets are non-judgmental. They are loyal. They provide warmth and security. The homeless get a type of normalcy by providing food and water for their pets. In some cases, they provide them with reality.Some homeless would sacrifice their own food for their pets.
Then there is the protection factor. Living on the streets is dangerous especially for women and the disabled. Animals provide them with security from other homeless, beatings, and from others who may steal their modest possessions.
Why should homeless people who have good hearts, enough to care for their 4-legged best friends, be denied emergency or council housing? We ask for your signature to allow pets in all shelters across the country.


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Recent Supporters

Linda Capps
  • 6 minutes ago
Pets are an important factor in a person's mental health, it has been proven that people who suffer from depression are less likely to commit suicide because of their bond and responsibility with/to their pet. Many people are homeless due to PTSD or other types of mental illness and those with pets are in as much need to be in a homeless shelter as someone without a pet. As long as their pet is NOT aggressive they should be allowed to have their pet with them. Don't punish the person because of the animal and don't punish the animal because of the person.
Elaine Renoire
  • 14 minutes ago
Ina Kornblum
  • 17 minutes ago
Vanessa Russell
  • 23 minutes ago
That's our be d t friends and cjildren, it help the owner and pet mentally and saves both there lives, isn't this what love is all about, this pup is saving this man's life and the man is saving this precious beautiful pup's life, do the right thing, it starts with people like you, we need to love and care for our fellow man and his precious best friend, I believe this would make a person want to get a job, our animals are like our children to us, give them both a chance and start seeing a difference.
Judith Sadura
  • 24 minutes ago
Loretta Church
  • 45 minutes ago
Alena Ikina
  • 46 minutes ago
Amanda Caulkett
  • 54 minutes ago
Anouk Osckaya
  • 57 minutes ago
Gity Grupe
  • 1 hour ago