Horse Slaughter Prevention Act

PETITION: Pass the American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act to ban the barbaric butchering of American horses.

TARGET: US House of Representatives

Thousands of American horses continue to be slaughtered and their meat sold to foreign countries. These horses are shipped long distances in hot, cramped trailers without food or rest and often times live in very inhumane conditions. The majority of these horses are young and able bodied and could lead very productive lives. This bill will also prevent the possibility of slaughterhouses operating domestically.

Please sign and share this petition asking the U.S. House of Representatives to pass the American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act.

We the undersigned urge you to vote for and pass the American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act. Each year tens of thousands of American horses are sold at livestock auctions where they are ultimately sold to middlemen who go on to sell them to slaughterhouses outside of the U.S border in Mexico and Canada. They spend long hours in cramped conditions, deprived of food, water and rest until they are across the border where they are pushed through the slaughterhouse and their meat sold to other foreign countries. We also oppose the possibility of slaughterhouses operating domestically.


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sue allen
  • 4 hours ago
Lesa Adkins
  • 6 hours ago
Phoebe Trowell
  • 20 hours ago
Horses have been used for so long and many stolen away from their wild families and cousins only to be broken to face authority generations to come . There is no reason to be culling horses. It is an excuse to get more hunters involved. This needs to stop, this needs to be put to an end. Any animal it seems, is acceptable to butcher to man's content; as long as it is not a human being slaughtered then it would be considered TABOO TALK. Many people on this planet suffer from specisism. They only think of their own kind being most superior. Have a pet dog or cat, then go out and shoot a horse because it is deemed "unimportant" in their eyes. Many numbers are dwindling as it is. Please stop the senseless slaughter and let these beauties live free. Havent human beings raped the earth enough?!! : (
Bonnie Welch
  • 23 hours ago
Denine Mishoe
  • 24 hours ago
Edward Johnston
  • 1 day ago
Monika Gosteli-Gyger
  • 1 day ago
Roxy Hirsche
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Stephanie Zaccagnini
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Vincenzina Caprio
  • 2 days ago