Petition to stop the Illinois Bobcat Hunt

PETITION: Stop the Illinois Bobcat Hunt
Target: IL Department of Natural Resources

In the upcoming 2016-2017 hunting season, the Illinois Department of Natural Resources has decided to allow the hunting of Bobcats. The Bobcat has been protected in Illinois for the last 40 years, but since their numbers have started to increase the hunting community has become concerned with the deer and game bird population. Bobcats are usually hunted for their pelts and in reality don't pose that much of a threat to the bird and certainly deer population. Most of their diet consists of rabbits and rodents. By dimishing their population you run the risk of creating a higher rodent population. They are a vital part of the ecosysten, they don't attack people and are vital in balancing nature.


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I LOVE ANIMALS AND SICK AND TIRED OF HUMANS deciding to kill ANIMALS because they're over populated
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