Petition to force Massachusetts to stop selling puppy mill pets at pet stores

PETITION: Petition: Tell MA to stop selling puppy mill pets in pet stores
Target: MA Governor Charlie Baker and the MA General Court

About 60 other cities across the U.S. have all decided that it is wrong to sell pets from puppy mills in pet stores. They have all passed laws making it illegal for pet stores to sell any cats or dogs that don't come from a shelter or rescue. This is not good news for those in the puppy mill business. These laws give stray dogs and cats a chance to get adopted and find new homes without breeding and creating new pets for profit. The State Senate in New Jersey passed a bill in July that requires new pet stores to only sell cats and dogs from shelters or rescues. If the bill is also passed by the State Assembly, New Jersey could become the first state to adopt this important measure. Please sign this petition to urge Governor Baker and the Massachusetts General Court to follow the lead of New Jersey and these animal-loving cities. Please ask them to institute a statewide law requiring that any cat or dog sold in a pet shop come from a shelter or rescue. By getting more states involved in this type of thinking it could possibly pave the way for a federal law. Imagine how many animals lives we could save by making this important change.


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Dana Chisholm Tindell
  • 9 hours ago
Sarah Ratcliffe
  • 12 hours ago
Katrin Winterer
  • 13 hours ago
What shameful conditions and treatment of our favorite animals.
Donna Tanner
  • 13 hours ago
caroline salfati
  • 14 hours ago
  • 15 hours ago
freddie williams
  • 16 hours ago
Rod Anaforian
  • 23 hours ago
MA! How many more puppies need to be slaughtered in shelters or abused by depraved people before you act like part of the civilized world?
Angela Ramirez
  • 1 day ago
Kathleen Pappagallo
  • 1 day ago